Decolonize Your Art

The process of creating a website to document my art and photography has been a long time coming. I've been procrastinating this for quite some time and much of my procrastination stemmed from not thinking my art was worth sharing. But I want to use my art as a way to lift up my fellow Two Spirit and allies who are underrepresented and to use my art in ways to empower them. I want to show off bodies that are 'unconventional' by the media's Eurocentric standards of beauty and to focus on normalizing bodies that are not white. I want to deconstruct gender through paint and stencils while simultaneously normalizing desire and sex by Indigenizing sex toys. I want to make Indigenous Sci-Fi comics to explain the history of settler colonialism on Turtle Island. I want to use my art as an opportunity to educate others on Sexual Health, sexuality, gender, Reproductive Justice, and body positivity. I want to make zines telling stories about art intersecting with activism and mental health. I want to share my art. My art is fluid and is my way of decolonizing.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my art the past few years.